Technology & Education in the UK

Earlier this week, we went and took a day trip to Oxford. After multiple trains later, we arrived to the beautiful city outside of London. I was very excited to visit because I wanted to see some of the places where they shot Harry Potter (shocker!).

We took a walking tour of the university and the town, which I very much enjoyed. Our tour guide, Bella, showed us a lot of cool places and explained things very well. She also told us about how going to university is like there, specifically at Oxford. At Oxford University, it takes three years to complete your undergrad degree, instead of four like it is in the United States. She said that all the students meet with their tutors to help the prepare for their exams, which back then used to be oral. Now, they have a whole building dedicated to exams and students have specific robes they need to wear that coordinated to their year in school and college.


Oxford University has huge Latin roots and many of its buildings are labeled in Latin. To this day they still preform certain ceremonies in Latin and students have to reply in Latin as well.

IMG_0966 2
One of places they shot multiple Harry Potter scenes!

After learning this all from Bella, I was amazed at how different TCU is to Oxford. I don’t think we would ever have oral exams at TCU or be forced to wear specific robes when we take exams, but I also noticed a similarity. Oxford University prides itself on tradition, just like TCU. There are certain things that Oxford has done for years, even centuries, that they don’t plan on changing. TCU is similar in that sense because we have certain traditions that we don’t plan of getting rid of such as our Horned Frog mascot or Frogs First.

Digitally, I felt that Oxford was behind. I found that at TCU we have computers and new technology everywhere, but at Oxford I didn’t see anything. Maybe that’s because we didn’t see those parts of the university, but still, I noticed that none of the students had laptops while we were walking around. I couldn’t imagine my life without my MacBook!

If there was something TCU could adopt from the Oxford culture to make our university better when it comes to technology is to be minimal. I didn’t see a lot of technology on campus, but at TCU it’s everywhere, which can be nice but also overwhelming. I don’t thing it’s necessary for TCU to have what seems like thousands of computers and multiple labs. If we had one central location, it would be easier.

The buildings were gorgeous here, I love all the detail and how green the gardens were!

Throughout the day, I noticed that I didn’t use my phone too much. I used it to take pictures and that was it. I never need it to help direct me anywhere since we were on a tour, but also because Oxford is easy to manage and get around.

Overall, I had a great time on the trip. I would love to bring my family to come and visit!




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